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Election results

Election results…




Vice President

Mike H. KE0GZT


Jeff B. KG7ONF


Please give them a big thanks, and lets have all members join them by helping them out.


Thanks to all the officers that served last year and let them guide the new officers.


Don KC0TJ club’s Advisor


Club Elections are coming!

Greetings members..

Dec meeting is the 3rd Wed of Dec. at Richfield community center 70th and nic. richfield Mn.

we have officers to get in the running for the Jan meeting voting.I would also make it a pot luck for the Dec meeting. We also have winter field day to talk about.  We have changed the Thurs round table net to 18:30 and need net control operators to sign up.would like to get the net covered for 2 months net control operators and keep it going from there. The Gota Event went well thank you to all who helped.

Yours In service


Officers needed

To All members,

I would like to thank everyone that helped to build this club. I would like everyone to thank Mark for being the longest club officer as Secretary for 2 years or in simple terms since day one of Richfield Amateur  Radio Club. Please give thanks to Clay for his term as VP. I have many more to thank and I will do that when we talk in person.


EX-President Don KC0TJ

Next our newest Club Officers are

Tom KD0DFG is the new President

Matt N0TNL is the new VP

Avery K0HLA is the New Secretary

Thank you to all that participated to night. We did call on the 444.475 rptr with no answer.  We did proxy voting if anyone could not make it.  We had everyone That was able to vote at the meeting voting. With that being said no officer ran unopposed.


Meeting Minutes and Notices

A club meeting was held on Friday, April 24.

The meeting minutes as submitted by Secrtary Mark Rowe are available here: 2015-04-24 RARC Meeting Minutes.

As a part of that meeting a Code of Conduct was put forth, reviewed, discussed and approved by the general membership present. That Code of Conduct is available for viewing on the Club Documents page.

Also, our Thursday evening Nets have been extended from Monthly to Weekly, so please check-in each week.

Lastly, I need to notify all members that effective May 1, 2015 Thomas York has resigned as the President of the Richfield Amateur Radio Club. He is stepping away to focus on his family and we wish them all the best of luck and our well wishes.

During this transitional time, per the Club Constitution, I will execute those duties reserved for the President. At the next meeting we will have nominations and if need be an election of a new Club President.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting.

-Grant Gartland
2015 Vice-President
Richfield Amateur Radio Club