Basic operations

Basic Ham Radio Operations…


      Communications method to talk directly to another station with no additional aides. 


Equipment need:

Is each person needs a transmitter & receiver on the same frequency.


(KA∅AAA) TX & RX <————-> 146.520

(KB∅BBB) TX & RX <————-> 146.520


Advantages: more private, more local, can be used anywhere, & simple programming

Disadvantages: needs high power, not used a lot, & limited range



Half Duplex… 

     A common repeater system. This has one common TX frequency & one common RX frequency. 


Equipment needed:

Everyone transmits on one frequency & everyone receives on second frequency with another source to receive everyone’s transmitted signals on one frequency and send it back out to another set frequency. 


(KA∅AAA) TX ———–> 449.475 (Repeater input)

(KA∅AAA) RX <———- 444.475 (Repeater output)

(KB∅BBB) TX ———–> 449.475 (Repeater input)

(KB∅BBB) RX <——— 444.475 (Repeater output)


Advantages: If you able to hit the repeater you can use all the repeaters resources allowing an extended ranges to a weak signals or unheard directly, have more likely to have another person on, & less power needed to talk.

Disadvantages: Repeater must be in a good location, can be busy, doesn’t work everywhere, & may have restricted access.



Full Duplex… 

     This is most common with telephone calls. You can talk & listen and the other person talk & listen at the same time.


Equipment needed:

A low powered transmitter on one band and a receiver another band. with everything reversed on the second station.


(KA∅AAA) TX ——–> 147.555

(KA∅AAA) RX <——– 446.000

(KB∅BBB) TX ——–> 446.000

(KB∅BBB) RX <——– 147.555 


 Advantages: Have real time updates, may be more exclusive, you can throw off the other persons concentration, send multiple information simultaneously, & kind of fun.

Disadvantages: each person needs 2 radios on 2 different bands, your location needs to be close to the other station, you can get possible feedback, This is harder on the radios & takes a bit of skill.



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