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We need Net or Roundtable controllers always!

A Basic Club Net (A scheduled over-the-air meeting.)

  1. Secure the frequency using your call and club call.
  2. Everyone checks in with the net controller only.
  3. Controller gets any & all announcements & share it.
  4. Controller calls & takes all check-ins.
  5. The controller repeats any relevant information as necessary.
  6. Controller give thanks to City of Richfield public safety & RARC near the end.
  7. Controller gives our club’s website for more information just before ending.
  8. The controller clears with both the club’s call & their call to return the frequency to normal use.

A Closed Net (This is very similar above, but access is restricted.)

  1. Secure frequency or Frequencies with your call, name, and the club call.
  2. Give net rules & procedures to the closed net.
  3. Start taking check-ins by one of these possible methods. (Always answer emergency check-ins)
    1. Off a list of a call signs only.
    2. Ask for check-ins with only reportable conditions. 
    3. Ask for check-ins only related to the net.
    4. Ask for check-ins related to the event only.
  4. Break periodically to get people to respond.
  5. Repeatedly state the net rules & procedures and identify that you are doing a closed net and remind all others to stand by until the net is complete please.
  6. Give updates and all relevant information as needed.
  7. Give your ID, name & the club’s ID often.
  8. Give thanks to RARC and the Richfield City Public Safety for the use of it’s repeaters.
  9. When done remind the people that the repeater is open now to regular amatuer use and clear using WØRRC call and your Call.

A Roundtable (A group of 3 or more operators talking about any topics.)

  1. Secure frequency using your call.
  2. Have a topic or topics to talk about.
  3. Invite others to join in.
  4. operators can come or go at anytime.
  5. operators should rotate with others giving everyone a chance to comment.
  6. We ask to share any club information.
  7. The roundtable ends when any of the last three operators remaining clear.

Our nets and Roundtables are open to all. They start at 8pm every Thursday on our UHF repeater 444.475 with a tone of 118.8

If special events are going on we will make additional changes as needed. 

Anyone can do roundtable at anytime because all it takes 3 or more people talking together. (aka a partyline over the radio.)


I double dog dare you! To make the biggest ham radio roundtable.

If you want to volunteer email me at…

Some of RARC’s core values

  1. ARRL membership is encouraged
  2. Basic antenna building and basic testing
  3. Basic soldering skills
  4. Club members collaborating knowledge of ham radio
  5. Emergency preparedness ready
  6. Encourage members to upgrade their license class
  7. Encourage people to become a new ham radio operator
  8. Experiment with new ideas and reevaluate as needed
  9. Field Day is a club event for all. All members will try to participate even if not at RARC’s FD site
  10. Have many Get-on-air events for all
  11. Help and support good radio practices
  12. Help and welcome anyone new to the hobby
  13. Learning by Hands on experience whenever possible
  14. Maintain a low key and informal environment to all members
  15. Micro-Shack (local low powered backup communications at given key locations)
  16. Monitor and use the Richfield repeaters whenever possible
  17. On location survival ready
  18. Open to all and inviting to all
  19. Support & backup city’s MOC & EOC
  20. Support AERO Training Classes
  21. Support ARES & RACES groups
  22. Support BARA
  23. Support BCG
  24. Support CERT activities
  25. Support event communications
  26. Support Richfield City events and needs
  27. We encourage members to be involved with Metro Skywarn
  28. We encourage members to join other radio clubs
  29. We support all local and statewide emergency management
  30. We support the Yaesu’s Fusion System
  31. We will have open to all weekly nets or roundtables

We should always support our hobby and remember this is a hobby that can save lives.

Don Pres of RARC…