Welcome to the web home of the Richfield Amateur Radio Club.

We proudly serve the City of Richfield, Minnesota along with the Richfield, Minnesota Community Emergency Response Team. Check out the links below for some additional information about us and what we do.


145.3900-, DCS 047
444.4750+, Tone 118.8

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The promotion and encouragement of amateur radio in the City of Richfield and surrounding communities. Especially the advancement of education of amateur radio and its use in public service via the development of a viable communications network.

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Club President: Matt (KBØTNG), Club Vice-President: Doug (AEØBO), Club Secretary: Paul (KEØQXV)

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RARC June 16th, 2021 meeting on Zoom

Please join us for the monthly meeting this Wednesday at 7:00 pm on Zoom. Details are in an Email sent out Sunday, and on the club’s calendar. We will be discussing Field Day 2021 on June 26th at the Richfield Community center. This will be an abbreviated event this year. Set up will begin at 9 am and tear down at dusk.



Thursday, May 20th 2021 at 7:30PM
On… 446.075 M h z (DPLX)
TalkGroup 99 TimeSlot 1 ColorCode 1
Moderators are… KCØBBK Galen, NØNWH Tom, & KCØTJ Don


Is a great mode however most have only a UHF DMR radio, and we wanted to help
you. This event is always open to anyone. No club affiliation is ever required for
this event. Galen, Tom, and Don will try to help everyone to get on. We will be
monitoring 444.475 analog Repeater for support during this event. Please test
your radio(s) anytime before this event on 446.075Mhz. The 446.075Mhz is a national simplex for DMR and is open to anyone anytime. This frequency should be in DMRPLX ZONE (National Simplex) on most CodePlugs already to make it easy.
Contact us @ https://meet.jit.si/MinnesotaDMR or W0RRC.RARC@Gmail.co
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Slides from the Ed Fong presentation

Ed Fong made a presentation to RARC at the April meeting, and the feedback has been all positive. Follow the link below. The last slide has a discounted price list. Mention RARC when ordering. Students of DR. Fong’s RF classes fabricate the antennas as lab projects, and the proceeds go to supporting the students.


The web address is:


We will invite Ed to make another presentation in the future.



RARC Secretary

Digital Simplex Test! Updates

I first want to thank all groups and fellow hams helping me to share this. I have been ask why? I feel that I needed to add more details based on what I have heard, so I will try to explain this event.

This idea was inspired by my friend Tom N0NWH. We wanted to try these modes not using any repeater, and see how it compares. We invite you to participate in this unique opportunity. I personally don’t know how this will turn out, but my hope is everyone has fun. I will be using the same antenna on all modes this will come with a little delay to patch to the next radio. I don’t want it to be a formal net, but a roundtable with everyone is equally important. I may ask you to help with Relays of others and give Signal reports. Remember that digital signals are all or nothing, and this means the S-meter is the only reference. When you are too weak of a signal you will sound like R2D2 and not scratchy like a FM signal. When keying up please give a 1/2 sec pause before speaking and give another 1/2 a second before unkeying or say “Over!” at the end. I also got the green light to use 147.090 repeater as a traditional FM support frequency. I will try to have someone there to help, plus I will try to listen as well. Again, this is not affiliated with any club, group, and is a friendly event with friends. I will be doing 50 watts on all modes and same antenna. Please setup your radio to it’s highest power and aim your antennas to the MOA if you are on the fringe. I am very lighthearted and want the same from you. If this works well, I will do something similar again. I will be happy to share this experience to any club that request it, but need your input as well. (Even if you just receiving this test.) Again, I am using Richfield’s and Bloomington’s Clubs as my conduit you do not have to join these great clubs to be involved. In short have fun!

Please use High power and your best antenna!

Fusion set to 147.525 in DN mode this seems to travel farther than VW.

DMR is already in Galen’s codeplug so it should be very easy. 145.790 Timeslot 2, Talkgroup 99, & ColorCode 1.

DSTAR 145.710 DR mode MYC: (is your licensed call) UR: (CQCQCQ) and don’t use! RPT1: RPT2:

DSTAR was the most challenging one to set up, and I spent hours to figure it out, and what frequency to use. The posted National Frequency is being used for other resources that I respect. According to Minnesota Repeater Council band information it stated the frequency I pick is the experimental part of the band.

Thanks, Don KC0TJ and Tom N0NWH

RARC Wednesday, March 17th 2021 meeting

This month’s meeting will include a presentation on the US National Grid system by Ken K0SAR. The USNG is a mapping system that uses latitude/longitude and GPS coordinates, rather than address based mapping, which becomes useless when an area is disturbed by tornadoes, hurricanes and flooding. Below is a link to the drop box with compressed files for the mapping exercises and the Zoom application info.





RARC December meeting to be held on Zoom

To members and friends of the Richfield Amateur Radio Club; Please join us on Wednesday, December 16th on the Zoom application at 7 pm. Look for an email with the meeting particulars. We have had some members note that they are not receiving club emails, so check your spam/junk bucket.

Also, the January, 2021 meeting will have elections for President, Vice-president and Secretary. If you are interested in running for one of the offices, please email the club at: w0rrc.rarc@gmail.com


RARC Secretary