A message from our long distance member.

Hello fellow RARC members,
How is everything back in Minnesota? I am currently in South Korea. I have been here for just over a month and have another 8 more months to go. I am the dining facility manager at camp Hovey so it’s like being the manager of a restaurant. We feed around 1000 soldiers per meal so I am pretty busy here. I unfortunately did not have space to bring any of my ham radio gear with me and I feel like I’m going through radio withdrawal. I did bring my am/fm/shortwave radio with me and listen to the Armed Forces Radio station or there is a shortwave station that is in English that broadcasts from Beijing which I sometimes catch at night. I hope you are starting to prep for field day. Wish I could be there to help out. I have my eye on some radio gear I want to buy when I get back stateside….with the wife’s permission. Don, you are the godfather of the club. Keep the club strong. Herman, Mike, Lucas, and everyone else, have fun and I look forward to seeing some field day pictures.