March Meeting Information

Dear Members of RARC,

So our meeting will start after the CERT meeting…
That means after 8:30pm on the 15th of March at the Bartholomew Room in Richfield’s City Hall 6700 Portland Ave S.

I have Received an email asking what does a proxy vote mean. So here is my interpretation and my plan is.

Any member that is unable to attend our meeting can use this means to be heard.

  • They may contact any current officer or other member going to the meeting with a written approval to share.
  • They may be called or call-in during our meeting via a speaker phone to any member present.
  • They may email any member present at the meeting and their email can be kept private, but a proof of that proxy member’s identity may be requested.
  • They may use our repeaters to call us long as it is not illegal to our ham radio regulations (note: pecuniary interest is not allowed on any ham radio station)

Formally KBØDGD