A New Beginning

At last night’s meeting (March 17, 2015), we officially chartered the new Richfield Amateur Radio Club of Richfield, Minnesota!

We voted on and approved a Club Constitution and By-Laws (which can be found on the Club Documents page) and elected our 2015 Club Officers.

Thomas York (KØZZX) will serve as the President, Grant Gartland (KEØAJL) as the Vice-President and Mark Rowe (KEØBVZ) as the Secretary. Those present at the meeting currently constitute the membership and others will be added per the club documents.

We have also chosen to seek ARRL affiliation and will be sending paperwork to begin that process shortly.

We are all very excited for the new beginning of this club and look forward to see where it leads us.

Thanks to all for your help,
Grant Gartland (KEØAJL)
2015 Club Vice-President