Welcome to the web home of the Richfield Amateur Radio Club.

We proudly serve the City of Richfield, Minnesota along with the Richfield, Minnesota Community Emergency Response Team. Check out the links below for some additional information about us and what we do.


145.3900-, DCS 047
444.4750+, Tone 118.8

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The promotion and encouragement of amateur radio in the City of Richfield and surrounding communities. Especially the advancement of education of amateur radio and its use in public service via the development of a viable communications network.

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Club President: Herman Saul (WØHJS), Club Vice-President: Doug Nicholson (AEØBO), Club Secretary: Paul Curtiss (KEØQXV)

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Volunteer Opportunities

Sorry I am a bit late in getting this info out, but here is some info on some upcoming events you can volunteer for:

From Charlie O’Brien (Richfield CERT Coordinator):

CERT Team Members/RARC: I have created Doodle Links with explanations of the times and CERT/Ham needs for each event, I will insert them below. ­

Richfield Urban Half Marathon/5K – Saturday 8/1/15: http://doodle.com/n4gkbsxkn7yfaua6

Richfield Open Streets/Penn Fest –Sunday 9/20/15: http://doodle.com/t8grhgbquku45a3x

Meeting Minutes and Notices

A club meeting was held on Friday, April 24.

The meeting minutes as submitted by Secrtary Mark Rowe are available here: 2015-04-24 RARC Meeting Minutes.

As a part of that meeting a Code of Conduct was put forth, reviewed, discussed and approved by the general membership present. That Code of Conduct is available for viewing on the Club Documents page.

Also, our Thursday evening Nets have been extended from Monthly to Weekly, so please check-in each week.

Lastly, I need to notify all members that effective May 1, 2015 Thomas York has resigned as the President of the Richfield Amateur Radio Club. He is stepping away to focus on his family and we wish them all the best of luck and our well wishes.

During this transitional time, per the Club Constitution, I will execute those duties reserved for the President. At the next meeting we will have nominations and if need be an election of a new Club President.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting.

-Grant Gartland
2015 Vice-President
Richfield Amateur Radio Club